I’m a member of a small quilting group that meets twice a month, basically during the school year.  In mid-June we get together for a pot luck meal, and exchange gifts.  This year, instead of quilting supplies, we’re giving handmade gifts.

At Christmas, each one of us was given the name of another member to make a gift for, which we are supposed to keep a secret until the gifts are presented at the pot luck.  My recipient doesn’t know I’m blogging, so I’m posting a preview of the center block of the small quilt I’m making.  It is hand applique, and will be surrounded by squares of 18 different floral fabrics.  I’m going for a romantic, shabby chic kind of look.  It will be machine quilted.  In fact, I need to go and do some work on it now, or it won’t be done in time…yes, I am the sort of quilter who finishes the binding stitches in the car on the way to dinner 🙂 (not driving, okay?)