I finished the quilt for my secret sister!  And ahead of time, which is just not my style at all.  The label was stitched on the back on Monday night, and Karen received it at our quilting group pot luck dinner last night.

There is simply no member of Quilters’ Workshop without cooking skills.  I ate a ridiculous amount of food.  Whoever made that cherry cheesecake is responsible for the fact that my jeans are a bit tighter today.

Next project!  I scored some gorgeous Tahki yarn at a Webs closeout a few weeks ago.  It’s a soft-as-butter silk and merino blend, and it demanded to become a shawl…command and I shall obey:


It’s the Cherry Leaf pattern shawl from Victorian Lace Today.  I found this book at Chapters (Silver City) a few weeks ago, and discovered a lifetime of shawl and stole patterns that I want to knit.  In real life, this yarn is a bit darker denim blue than the photo shows (the tablecloth under the shawl is bright lime green in reality).  I don’t know why this camera washes the colour out so seriously, and I am camera-skills deficient so my husband will probably have purchased a new one before I figure it all out.

Now I get to choose a new quilting project for the summer.  There are two quilts demanding to be made, and I am trying to resist the urge to start them both.  Especially since I have two unquilted tops waiting for attention.