I heard on the radio that we had 22 days of rain in June.   July was pretty humid as well.  Every time the sun shines, and we’ve had a bit of sunny weather lately, I get out with the dog to enjoy it as much as possible.  The rain has given me plenty of time for needlework, so it’s not all bad.

That Patons sock yarn was calling me.  I cast on a toe-up sock and started knitting.  Oh, dear:

It looks like pink camouflage.  What a disappointment.  The yarn itself is so springy and soft, I love the way it feels.  Maybe I’ll try again later with another colourway.  I will be frogging this one, and pretending it never happened.

Working on the crazy quilt block has been unexpectedly difficult.  I painted some lace and began attaching it to the block with french knots.


I didn’t realize that stitching through the fabric and fused interfacing on the back would aggravate my tendonitis…I could hardly sleep that night from the pain.  I am finishing this block with great attention to how much stress I’m putting on my fingers, and the next block will not be interfaced!

Luckily, knitting uses completely different hand movements, and I knit loosely, so I can still enjoy it.  Trying to get the recent sock disappointment out of my mind, I grabbed some Fleece Artist merino from stash and cast on.

Ahh, that’s much better.

Oh, have you seen the Twist Collective?  Very stylish, and nice sock patterns are available.  Not a freebie site, but the prices are reasonable.