On August 14, 2003, my husband and I were on vacation, enjoying a lazy summer afternoon at home.  The power went out.  Of course, we had no idea that the power was out all over the province, in Quebec, and over a significant portion of the United States as well.

I had never had anything more than a short-term plan for dealing with summer power outages:

1.  Take the ice cream from the freezer and eat it;

2.  Break out the handicrafts and wait for the power to come back on.

It ended up being quite a wait.  We had been planning to do some painting in the house, and that kept our minds off of our impatience for life to return to normal, as it did a couple of days later.  In the following months, I found myself thinking about emergency supplies when I went to the grocery store…bottled water, batteries, medication.  I still make sure there’s a fresh battery for the radio (and I even bought one of those dynamo-powered radios that don’t need batteries).

What were you doing on August 14, 2003?  Have you made any permanent lifestyle changes as a result of that experience?  Which reminds me, I’m running out of ice cream again.