Thanks to a little tendonitis flare, there’s not much to show on the knitting/quilting front this week, short of posting yet another picture of the Fleece Artist sock in progress (the heel is turned!)

Browsing the blogs this morning, I came across a photo of the perfect, food-stylist ideal fried egg, and it reminded me of something I saw on a cooking show years ago.  The host was in Jamaica, I think, and sampling the local cuisine.  The program also explored some of the local culture, and this show featured a surrealist painter whose subject was fried eggs.  There was one painting of a woman hanging laundry on a line.  The “laundry” was fried eggs.  There was another painting of a rainy scene.  It was raining fried eggs.  Little, perfect, yellow-yolk-in-the-middle fried eggs.  I wish I could remember the artist’s name, because I am dying to recreate one of these scenes in fabric, and I want to give proper credit.  Crazy?  I guess I had better not admit that it wouldn’t be the first time I made a quilt with a fried egg on it.  And bacon. 

While searching for fried egg art on Yahoo!, I found this:

Henk Hofstra’s sculptural breakfast, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.  See more photos here.

Sunny side up!