It seems to be a popular blog pastime this week.  See what Kathleen Taylor’s blaming her for here.

I have never met Karen Irving, but I often stop by her blog to see what she’s knitting.  She’s a much more disciplined blogger than I am, so there’s something new and interesting there almost every day.  Recently, she’s been working on a lovely laceweight version of Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail shawl.  That reminded me that I finished a worsted weight version months ago and never blogged it, so here’s a pic:

The yarn is a silk and cashmere blend that was a closeout steal at  It ended up being a bit fuzzier than I like, but its softness has won me over.  And the colour was exactly what I wanted (a bit more burgundy than in the picture).  Okay, so I can’t blame Karen for that, but this is all her fault:

I finished this sweater for my husband over the weekend.  I don’t usually love knitting sweaters, but the cabled (!) cotton and silk sweater I knit him years ago is a little the worse for wear.  One of Karen’s blog posts planted the idea in my head that I could maybe try to knit a whole sweater again.  Turns out it’s way easier when I’m knitting for someone else.  A cardigan for me is still in the swatch stage and may remain there for months.  But I am not deprived, I have these:

The Halcyon socks are done!  In Fleece Artist merino 2/6, they are soft and fit like a glove.

With all this finishing of projects, there were a few minutes on Sunday when I had nothing on the needles.  While I was pondering what to do with the Melody superwash wool I acquired a couple of weeks ago, I remembered Karen’s lovely Clapotis.  Guess what I cast on yesterday?  Karen, when I am snuggling under a soft, warm wool shawl, it will be all your fault.