This is a fun knit, with a funny name.  Sounds a little Star-Trekish to me:  “We are the Clapotis people, from the planet Clapeau” or “I am Clapotis, of Borg”.  At any rate, it is an interesting pattern and I love the yarn I’m knitting it with.


Yes, that’s my foot in the lower right, wearing the lemongrass socks.  I am quite the skilled photographer.

I’m knitting the shawl with Jojoland’s Melody, a fingering weight wool, in colour 29.  The actual colours are a bit darker than the photo suggests.  The wool is soft and not overspun, so it’s a joy to knit with.  However, it is a bit sticky, so the dropping of stitches requires some extra work.  I am skeptical of the superwash claim for this fiber, as the tip of the shawl is felting a tiny bit just from being handled.

I followed the pattern pretty much as written, except for doing a few extra pattern repeats to account for the finer yarn.  I’m working on 143 stitches rather than 107.  It’s still coming along surprisingly quickly, even though I’m going through a bit of startitis and have 3 projects on the needles right now.  More WIP photos tomorrow.