The last time I knit a sweater for myself was before Denis and I were married.  That’s more than 16 years!  It was knit with a cotton and silk blend yarn that I had to mail order.  The pattern was from Vogue Knitting, an off-white pullover with flower and vine shapes knit separately and sewn on the front.  There was a textured design knit into the sweater front that looked like a vase.  I loved it.

Clearly, large knitting projects don’t thrill me.  I like socks, scarves, shawls, not only because they’re small, but because they don’t require careful fitting.  Recently, however, I fell in love with some aran alpaca by Fleece Artist and it needs to be a sweater.


The colourway is cedar, and it is darker and greener than my flash-happy camera is letting you see.  This will be a cardigan, from a Berroco freebie called Solaris.  I’m already nervous about having enough yarn, but that happens every time I cast on 🙂

I am also knitting from two different skeins.  If all the skeins looked the same to me, I wouldn’t have bothered, but some are noticeably lighter than others.  I had visions of a goofy-looking cardigan with one pale sleeve (hey, look, she ran out of yarn and had to substitute something that didn’t match).  I knit two rows from one skein and then two rows from the other, and so on.  I was concerned that it was going to look too stripey, but I like the effect.