I wanted to get a picture of my new mittens before I wear holes in them!


I knit them with Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks that Rock lightweight, in the Peaseblossom colourway.  The pattern is of my own devising, and as such needs a bit of tweaking.  I should have done another inch of stockinette below the thumb before I started the ribbed cuff.  Yes, I knit them from the fingertips down!  I figured if it works for toe-up socks, it should be okay for mittens.  And they fit quite well, despite being a tad too short.  For a sock yarn, STR sure makes a warm pair of mittens.  Great for dog-walking!

The jar in the photo is one of my best friends at the moment.  One of my quilting buddies noticed my eczema-ravaged hand (yes, it only attacks my right hand), and told me about this cream, Glaxal Base.  I know I sounded extremely skeptical (thanks for persevering, Dianne) because I have tried almost everything to soothe the itching/burning/cracking/bleeding and nothing has worked.  Most creams make it worse!

I’ll spare you any before/after photos, and just tell you that after *three days* of using this stuff my hand looks perfectly smooth and normal.  For the first time in 5 years of winters, I can knit/quilt/craft without pain.  The skin doesn’t even look dry.   Joy! 

Okay, I think I’ve  used up this month’s allotment of exclamation points.  But I warn you, I’m expecting a new “block of the month” quilting project in the mail soon.  There will be more exclaiming once the stitching begins.