If you don’t want to see the latest contents of the Rockin’ Sock Club, look away.  I’m going to show the yarn.  This is the first time I’ve been a part of the club.  Last year, I was too late to register, and I hadn’t actually knit anything with STR yet.  It was a lot of money to spend on a year’s worth of unknown yarn.

Having knit a pair of socks with STR lightweight, I’ve slowly been converted.  I loved the colours from the start, but that tightly twisted merino took some getting used to.  I like its springiness, but it tends to coil back on itself as it’s pulled off the ball, and that can drive me nuts sometimes.  The socks I knit in Lemongrass were uncomfortable on first wearing, but I should have been patient.  With a little time, they have become soft and comfortable.  I like a warm pair of socks, and they’re great that way.  So now I am a club member.

In addition to the yarn, there is a lovely pattern by Sivia Harding–with beads!  I’ve never knit socks (0r anything else) with beads before, and there are some techniques in this sock pattern that I’ve never tried, so it will be a challenge.  There is a tiny skein of  “emergency sock yarn”, lots of info about the dyeing process for this yarn, and a nifty keychain and pin with the club logo.   The yarn is STR lightweight and the colour is amazing:


It’s called “My Blue Heaven” and it reminds me of the ocean (I was born on the east coast).  Am I the only one who smells yarn?  This skein has a bit of the vinegar scent that still lingers on it from the dyebath.  I like that.  It’s taking a lot of willpower to not cast on right now.  Any bets on how long I will last?