I’m constantly impressed  by the quality of some of the free quilt patterns I’ve found online.  Here are a couple of new or soon-to-be-starting block of the month quilt patterns that you can collect at no cost.

Beth Ferrier of Applewood Farms has a lovely pieced and appliqued quilt called “Now and Forever“.  The fabric requirements are listed now.  The first block is available on Valentine’s Day.  She keeps each block pattern online for a month, and then it is replaced by the next block, and so on.  If you miss downloading one of the parts, you can buy it later.  Usually, after the BOM has run its course, she makes the entire pattern available in book form at her online shop.  Check out her blog, too, it’s interesting.

Baltimore Bliss, from FatCat Patterns, is a 12-block applique quilt in the Baltimore Album style.  Very girly and pretty (right up my alley).  The first block is available now, and the free downloads are available for two months at a time before they disappear.  If you just can’t wait, you can order the PDF file for the entire pattern for a reasonable price.  If you’re patient, you can collect the patterns for free.  I’m frankly amazed that something this beautiful can be had for nothing.  Thank you, generous designers!