Something wonderful is happening at Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  You should check out the sock club blog to see how Tina sticks up for her customers.  Every sock club member who wasn’t happy with their yarn received an immediate replacement, no questions asked (my skein was fine).  And she’s reading the Riot Act to the mill where she gets her base yarn.  In the long run, I believe this kind of customer support pays off.  Sure, she’s spending a lot of money to replace that yarn, but those club members will remember and keep shopping with her.

Apparently, consumers in the US have sharply curtailed their spending in January (this according to a radio news show this morning).  People who sell hobby supplies are going to be selling less, and to fewer customers.  Vendors like Tina will win, I think.

Late last year, I purchased a quilt Block of the Month program from an online fabric shop, which will remain nameless.  When I contacted them this week, politely suggesting that my package might have been lost in the mail, I received a very curt reply.  In short, because they can’t make a lost package claim with USPS for 30 days after shipping, they’re not interested in hearing from me for another week.  I paid them a month ago, and I’ve been a good customer for more than a year, but that apparently counts for nothing.  So, guess where I won’t spend my money next time I want some fabric?