I’ve really been looking forward to the next sock club shipment.  January’s “Queen of Beads” socks were fun to knit, and I finished them!


The STR “lightweight” yarn makes a warm and thick sock.  I’ve been wondering what the other weights were like, and today I found out.  The March club yarn is a colourway that I think is just crazy beautiful, and it’s in mediumweight.


I really like the pattern that came with it, too, and probably will cast on tonight.  I can do that without guilt because, drumroll please, the Clapotis is done!  Photos soon…I’m still of two minds about blocking it.  I like the bumpy unblocked texture, but I’d also like the extra width I’ll get from it if I stretch out the dropped stitches.  A decision to ponder as I wind the new sock yarn.