I heart Chapters.  They have a great selection of knitting books in the Crafts and Hobbies section.  On Sunday, I picked up Kathleen Taylor’s latest book, and I’m really pleased with it. 

For some time, I’ve been looking for a book of sock patterns that are similar to those that Patons used to publish for their Kroy sock yarns.  Socks that a man wouldn’t consider too feminine to wear in public, but would look lovely and girly when knit in the right colour.  There’s at least one chapter in this book that fits the bill.

And as someone who is very afraid to try stranded colour knitting,  I have to say that there are colourwork socks in this book that I really want to knit.

There’s something for everyone in this book. Really simple designs, highly textured knitting, and even a pattern for toe socks!  Did you have a pair that were knee-length and rainbow coloured in the 1970s?  I did.