The last month has really flown by! I’ve been doing a little experimenting with the clamshell quilt construction. I started out by printing the 3-inch clamshell design directly on the back of my fabric, and then stitched the clams together by hand with a running stitch–the traditional Inklingo way.

I’m not really happy with the way it looks. Granted, it hasn’t been pressed, but I don’t have the greatest skill with handsewing a curved seam. I left this piece in this state for a couple of weeks, feeling discouraged.

Jossie to the rescue! On her blog, she linked to a clamshell quilt instruction sheet from the Lizard of Oz (love that name). This is an English Paper Piecing method, and I realized that I could use this with my Inklingo templates. I printed out more clamshell templates on soluble stabilizer, prepared my fabric, and was able to hand applique the convex curves of the clamshells. I’m much happier with applique, and I like how the quilt pieces stay nice and flat as the patches are assembled. Here’s my progress so far:

Not much, considering I want a bed-size quilt out of this! At least now I am really enjoying the sewing process. This quilt will grow much more quickly now. The fabrics are from various Fig Tree Quilts collections that I’ve been acquiring for awhile. There are some Dandelion Girl, Patisserie, Mill House Inn and Fresh Cottons pieces in there. I have some bits and pieces of Fig & Plum that may make their way into it as well. It will be scrappy, just the way I like it.