I’ve been rethinking the Paper Bag Roses quilt, both the fabric and the sewing method. I was using English Paper Piecing, similar to what I’m doing with the clamshells. I think it is still the best plan for those small curved clams, but I’ve just done this hexagon flower with Inklingo, and I like it so much better. So I’ve restarted Paper Bag Roses, and changed to some brighter fabric, too.

I’m using Inklingo as it was designed to be used–printing directly on the back of the fabric, and using a running stitch to join the seams together. It’s fast and accurate. Here’s a shot of the back of the hexie flower, so you can see how I pressed the seams.

I haven’t officially joined Karen’s One Flower Wednesday challenge group, but if I can stay on track with this project, I may just do that. I’m working away at the clamshells, and will have a new photo of the finished rows very soon! It’s hard to stay indoors and sew, though, when the back yard garden looks like this: