There’s been little sewing done on this project in the last 2 weeks, but I haven’t been idle! Linda released the half-clamshell templates in Inklingo this month, so I added halvsies to each side of the second row of the quilt. This appeals to me much more than the idea of taking my rotary cutter to make a straight edge later.

I decided to let some of the back side show so you can see what I mean about the grid pattern I drew on the back of the templates to help me line up the clams for sewing.

What did I spend my time on, you ask? Well, I wanted to have a good assortment of clamshells to choose from for row 3, so I decided to prep a whole bunch at once. I printed out the Inklingo clamshells on my soluble stabilizer sheets, added the vertical and horizontal registration lines with a fabric pencil (wash-out), and glue-basted the fabric over the templates. Once I rinse the quilt top in water, the stabilizer will be soft and stitchable.

I think that’s a pretty good assortment. On to row 3!