I may have a new favourite sock yarn. Yesterday I bound off the first sock of a pair I am knitting with Wollmeise 100% merino superwash.

lattice sock

The original pattern, from the book Sock Club, was written for cuff-down knitting. I altered it to be able to knit it toe-up, omitted the beads used in the pattern, and finished the cuff with a Russian bind off. The yarn is from a We’re Different grab bag, and is not a regular colour from the Wollmeise line. It looks a lot like fuchsia, but is a bit darker. I’m a bit worried about liking this yarn so much. It is in such demand, and short supply, that successfully ordering from her site is a nail-biting experience!

I haven’t been neglecting my clamshells, either.

I’m more than halfway through the 3rd tier of clams. It is really a joy to stitch these. The fabrics make me happy just to look at them, and hand applique is one of the most relaxing activities. Once this row is done, I will be cutting out more clamshells, to add even more variety to the mix. It won’t be a true charm quilt, because there won’t be a different fabric for every clam. I’ll be repeating quite a few of them, but it will still have a vintage, scrappy look.

It’s a beautiful sunny, warm day today. Great for taking pictures, and eating fresh Ontario peaches on the deck!