I don’t really plan it that way, but Thursday seems to be the day when I get a good amount of knitting done. The pattern that came with my new yarn yesterday is a knitted hat, and the merino/silk blend is so soft and lovely I had to cast on. I’ve done a few rows for the hat band and I like the way the colours are blending.

I’m not sure you can tell from the photo, but there are areas of the yarn that have the slightest hint of plum in the grey. I’m using magic loop, with my Addi interchangeable needles. I regret using the original blue cords with this project. They just aren’t as flexible as the gold cords. A few months ago I was able to order a set of the gold ones on Ebay.  Addi is selling only blue cords for this set in North America. I had to buy from Hong Kong to get the gold ones. I hope Addi will change their policy on this. I’d rather support my local dealer.

Part 2 of the Pi shawl has been released on Wendy’s blog, but I’m still working away on the first part. Notice how the colours are swirling around the centre? Neat!

I’m knitting this with 2 circulars–Knit Picks Harmony. I found that the 3.25 mm size worked best, so I can’t use the interchangeables for this one (the smallest size in those is 3.5 mm). I like the Knit Picks cords a lot, but sometimes the join is a bit rough and snags the yarn. I had to put a little blob of nail polish on one of the joins to smooth it out a bit. The price of these needles cannot be beaten, though, so the extra maintenance is worth it. And the Harmony birch needles keep all my YOs in place!