It seems as though the rain started in July and never stopped. Thankfully we have a little sun this morning so I could snap a photo of the clamshells. Row 3 is done! I have laid out the clams for Row 4 already, and hope to get some sewing done on those today.

I originally didn’t have a self-imposed deadline for getting this top together. Recently, I took it along to a meeting of my quilt group to work on it a little. One of the other members, upon finding that I was making a bed sized quilt, with hand applique, remarked to everyone that I am the “crazy” one in the group!!! We had a couple of new members  in attendance, and while I just smiled in response, I was a little dismayed to be labelled as crazy in front of the newbies. Well, I will have this top pieced by spring, I have decided. Then we will see how crazy I am!