December 2010

Wishing you a holiday full of family, friends, good food, and happiness.


I received the latest club shipment on Tuesday, but was deep in last-minute quilt group projects and couldn’t grab a photo until this morning. The yarn has been customized for each package. My skein (100% cashmere, ooooohh soft) has a lovely dusty pink blended with the grey/black. Other members received blue or green, and there are probably other combos out there that I haven’t seen. This pink suits me perfectly, and I can’t wait to knit it up.

I’ve had crazy startitis over these past couple of weeks. I think it started when my husband had to travel for work and was gone for a week. I started a bunch of new knitting projects, so now I have on the needles: 2 different socks, 1 secret knitting swap project, a chevron scarf, and as soon as my cotton yarn arrives I will be casting on for a blanket. Wacky! I also want to make at least 3 quilts over the holidays. Yeah.

I’ve been beavering away at a couple of quilting projects, but they were gifts that couldn’t be blogged until they were bestowed. Last night was the Christmas pot luck meeting of my quilting group. One of our charter members did not renew her membership this year, and we decided that her 8 years of dedicated charity quiltmaking deserved a parting gift. We made her a quilt:

The pattern is “Falling Leaves” by Plum Tree Quilts, and it was a joy to make. Piecing the background blocks is simple and makes a good group project. Group members contributed fabric scraps for the leaves. I am so pleased with the way this turned out, and grateful to have been present when Joan received it. I’ve already put together enough background blocks to make one for myself!

We also do a gift exchange at the pot luck meeting. In September, each member chose and submitted a piece of fabric for another member to use in making a quilted gift. We thenĀ each chose a donated fabric at random. I received a silver/cream fabric with reindeer and holly designs–a perfect background fabric. This is what I made with it:

The pattern is a freebie from McCalls’ Quilting, by Lisa Schiller. Instead of using wool, I used traditional hand applique with some batik fabrics from Connecting Threads. I did the finishing with a handsewn binding, rather than the “pillowcase” method from the pattern. The gifts were distributed by lottery, so I had no idea who I was making this for! I was very pleased that the person who won it is someone I have known for years, even before the group was formed. I know she will enjoy it.

Now that all the secret projects have been revealed, I hope I can be a more diligent blogger. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. This is one of my favourite times of the year.