Backyard Wildlife

I really wanted to have the third row of clams done for this post…but it was not to be. Fig Tree Inc. is partially to blame…they released a new fabric collection that coordinates perfectly with the fabrics I’ve already chosen, so instead of lots of sewing, I’ve been prepping a bunch more clams from the new fabric!

It is already oppressively hot here at 10:30 a.m., so I wanted to take some photos indoors. They’re never as successful as natural sunshine pictures. Here’s part of the clamshell quilt, pinned to a double wedding ring quilt that hangs in the dining room:

It’s a bit blurry, but true to colour at least! That last clam in row 3 is just pinned in place, ready to be sewn. Here are the new Fig Tree fabrics:

The picture is a bit dark (that tablecloth is lime green!), but it gives an idea. I keep wanting to call this fabric collection “Victoria’s Secret”! I have to pause every time I think about it to remember the name correctly. Why? Who knows.

For awhile there were not so many little creatures in the back yard. I had run out of peanuts in the shell, which seem to be the preferred snack for most of the local wildlife! Now that I’ve restocked, I’m getting visits every morning from these guys:

We call the chipmunks “the Chiclets” because we believe they are the offspring of a chipmunk we named “Chica” last year.¬† The Chiclets will eat dried corn from the critter mix we put out, but they prefer peanuts. So do these beauties:

I still can’t believe I scored a picture of the blue jay. They swoop in to get a peanut, and fly away very quickly. I was trying to photograph a rabbit when this bird flew into the frame. Pure luck!


I put these on yesterday after I finished binding off the second sock. It amazes me how soft Wollmeise is once it is knit up–completely different from how it feels in the skein.

The yardage is unbelievable! I have 70 grams left over from a 150 g skein. Maybe I can get a pair of simple ankle socks out of what remains.

It’s windy and a bit cloudy outdoors today, but perfectly warm. I had a bit of a surprise this afternoon–a robin flew right into the patio door that leads out to the back garden. I was standing in the kitchen on the other side of the door when it happened. The poor bird fell to the deck, stunned. After a moment, though, it flew off. I hope it will be okay. I grabbed a colourful advertising flyer out of the newspaper and taped it to the door…hopefully that will save some bird brains from getting scrambled.¬†Perhaps I should put up some curtains?

I almost can’t stand to look at this shawl today…we have record-breaking heat this week, which is scheduled to continue at least until Friday. With the humidity factored in, it feels like 41 Celsius outside right now. Yes, this is Ottawa, Canada, and not Riyadh! The sun is perfect for pictures, though, so I briefly ventured out to snap a few pictures.

The first Multnomah I knit was for a swap. It was difficult to give it away, and I vowed to knit the pattern again for myself. There was a niggling bit of doubt in my mind, though. I worried that I would get bored and not finish it. No worries, there! It was fun, and I immediately started another feather and fan shawl after I bound off.

The yarn is Malabrigo sock in the “Indiecita” colourway. I used less than 2 skeins. This is a larger version than the original pattern. I wanted something a bit larger, so I increased the number of garter stitches to 265 before starting the feather and fan border.

I think this photo has the best representation of the true colour of the yarn. My 2 skeins were the same dye lot, purchased at the same time, and yet were surprisingly different. I knit the garter stitch portion with one ball, which had lots of lighter green and no purple whatsoever. When I started the feather and fan pattern, I began alternating skeins, knitting two rows of one, changing to the other, and so on. I knit the last 3 pattern repeats with just the second skein, the one with the lovely dark purple in it.

What’s with the peanuts in the 2nd photo? They’re a gift for this guy:

He (she?) comes by to relax once in awhile. He can tell I am fascinated by him, and will stay on the deck to eat his snack, so I can check out his bright eyes and glossy fur. I have heard that squirrels can be yarn thieves, so I don’t leave any of my creations outside unattended.