Another snowfall, and more is forecast for Saturday.  A perfect time to open that little box of Turkish needlelace flowers I bought before the holidays.


Aren’t they sweet?  Oya flowers are a traditional needlecraft of Turkey.  You can read a little of the history of Oya in this article.

My contemporary examples are made from nylon thread.  Clear nylon, almost like fishing line, is threaded through the outer edge of the larger-petalled flowers, making them quite stiff.  I’ve heard that Oya are also made from silk thread, and I hope to someday get my hands on some.  For now, I am very pleased with these, which I purchased here (I also have a small addiction to Japanese craft books).  They will make a lovely embellishment for a crazy quilt block.  Today, they are a much-appreciated dash of colour in a snow-white landscape.