And it is falling here.  A perfect day to snuggle up with a latte and a good read, like this:


Stitch is a UK-based bimonthly magazine, and it is currently my favourite source of creative ideas in needlework.  The purse on the cover is made of clear PVC sheets, sandwiched around scraps of filmy fabrics and sewn by machine.  I’m thinking that one could do the flower shapes with pale organza instead of plastic, which is a sticky thing to be trying to machine-stitch.  A plastic purse would be a good thing to carry around in today’s snow, though.

Knitting is another good friend to keep nearby on a stormy day.  I have decided to try the Patons Stretch Socks yarn again, and I am much happier with the latest colour scheme.


This colour is called Mineral.  Denim blue, black and red-brown.  I knit a no-brainer stockinette sock, toe-up and with a simple short row heel.  This time, I also experimented with knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles.  While I am converted to circular needles for socks now, I gave up on two-at-a-time.  It was very annoying to be sliding the socks around, and keeping each ball of yarn from tangling with its neighbour–arrggh.  I’m slow enough without extra hurdles!