I have finally finished sewing on the outside fabric, and the bottom has been fabric-covered and stitched in place, too.  It doesn’t look much different from the last time, I must admit.



The strip of fabric hanging from the back of the box will be the hinge.  It will be sandwiched between the lid pieces in the same way that it is sewn into the sides of the box.  It will be awhile before the lid goes on, since it will be a crazy patchwork piece, with some applique and embroidery on it, and I haven’t made it yet.  That’s the plan, anyway.

I know that many boxmakers use glue and gummed paper to put their creations together, but I am such a loser with glue…it always either gets smeared outside the fabric, or it oozes out of corners and just isn’t pretty.  I’m much better with a needle and thread, so that’s the way I roll.  I do get inspiration from books about boxmaking, regardless of technique, and so I was very happy to get this, earlier this week:













A Japanese book, with examples of fabric boxes made with the gummed paper and glue technique.  I ordered this from YesAsia.com, and was very pleased with their service.  The prices are good, and shipping was fast.  I don’t know why Japanese boxmaking books seem to have French titles.  I have another one called “Le Coffret”.  This book also seems to have an article about shopping in Paris (it’s hard to tell, exactly, since I can’t read a word of Japanese).   The box projects are lovely, and easily converted to my sewing methods. 

Japanese craft books are really inspiring.  They’re also pretty easy to follow, if you know the basics of a particular craft.  They always have step-by-step photos, and there are often helpful illustrations included, too.  I wouldn’t try learning an entirely new craft from one, unless you read the language.  The photos are gorgeous and artistic, and if you’re tired of the focus on beginner projects that is such a feature of North American craft books, you will be impressed by the sophistication and complexity of Japanese books.  There are lots of sellers on Ebay who specialize in these books, and there are some good prices to be found there, too.