It’s a good thing I was all fired up to take some photos of recent knitting projects…I had to do it twice.  My camera’s memory card and my computer don’t get along, and somewhere between the card and my picture folder, photos magically disappeared forever.  Here’s a retake:


My latest toe-up socks, in STR lightweight’s lemongrass colourway.  The stitch pattern is Roman Rib, from the “Little Box of Socks”.  These were a “do over” project, too.  I was in the middle of congratulating myself for being able to knit a sock without a pattern in front of me.  The rib is easily memorized, and I was knitting a toe and heel that are also easy to do and remember.

Then, after I just finished turning the heel of sock 2, I realized that I had done the pattern stitches over the sole.  D’oh!  Sock 1 had a stockinette sole.  After much tearful ripping back to the toe, I eventually had two matching socks.

Socks that Rock is a really tightly twisted yarn, and I have sensitive feet.  The combination makes these socks a little uncomfortable to wear.  This yarn felt more like cording than yarn, although it is quite soft.  After a 15-minute brisk walk in these socks, the soles of my feet hurt!  They are now officially “bed socks”.  Admit it, you have some (if you live anywhere where it gets cold).  A shame, really, because STR has the most gorgeous colours.  I guess I’ll make mittens out of my other skeins.

Tomorrow, a shot of the clapotis-in-progress.  Assuming the camera and computer kiss and make up.