Finally, I stopped dithering about which quilt to start, and pieced this crazy patch yesterday.  It will become part of a small wallhanging.  There will be 12 crazy blocks, and an embroidered centre block, probably roses or some other floral design.

This quilt is going to be heavily embellished with beads, buttons and charms, so before I do any of the hand stitching, I’ll iron on some fusible interfacing on the back of the block.  This will help keep the finished quilt from sagging under the weight of the embellishments.  This block is more than 10 inches square right now, but will have a finished size of 9 inches.  I’m making the block larger because I tend to stitch at a tight tension, and I expect shrinkage.

There’s also progress on the knitting front:

I’m knitting an actual fitted garment!  This is Noro Silk Garden #244, and it will be a polo-style pullover for my husband.  I’ve finished the back, and have started the armhole shaping on the front.  Those of you who know my knitting habits, please sit down:  I knit a gauge swatch and washed it and measured it before I started the sweater. 

My dog just wants to know when Mum will get off the computer…it’s playtime!