September 2010

It seems as though the rain started in July and never stopped. Thankfully we have a little sun this morning so I could snap a photo of the clamshells. Row 3 is done! I have laid out the clams for Row 4 already, and hope to get some sewing done on those today.

I originally didn’t have a self-imposed deadline for getting this top together. Recently, I took it along to a meeting of my quilt group to work on it a little. One of the other members, upon finding that I was making a bed sized quilt, with hand applique, remarked to everyone that I am the “crazy” one in the group!!! We had a couple of new membersĀ  in attendance, and while I just smiled in response, I was a little dismayed to be labelled as crazy in front of the newbies. Well, I will have this top pieced by spring, I have decided. Then we will see how crazy I am!


Wow, it’s been ages since I posted last! Mr. Ribbon Rose took some holidays in early September, which kept us both busy for awhile. Then I got caught up in stuff to do for another year with my quilt group, Quilters’ Workshop, and time just got away from me.

Quilters’ Workshop is one of the local quilt groups whose members make small “cuddle quilts” for the neonatal units of our local hospitals. Our group makes them for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). They’re small, usually 24″ square or less, and they’re draped over the isolette units. It helps to take away some of the impersonal atmosphere of the NICU, and the parents have from time to time written us notes to tell us how much it touched them that a stranger made something for their baby. I haven’t made as many of them as I should have in past years, so I’m working extra hard this year to make a bunch of them.

I forgot to photograph the first one I made this month, but here’s the latest:

If you have a copy of Kaffe Fassett’s “Quilts en Provence”, you may recognize it! It is a somewhat downsized version of the Sherbet quilt from that book. It was pretty simple to make, as it is foundation pieced. It shrank a huge amount in the wash, and the original 22-inch square quilt is now 20 inches by 20 1/2! Still big enough to be useful, though. I hope it gets lots of use.